love LOVE

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is to great a burden to bear.” Martin Luther King

Everyone that knows me from my family and closest friends…I LOVE EVERYTHING! I am definitely a very passionate person. I was told many times that I see things with child like wonderment. I gasp A LOT and maybe could be a little bit dramatic with the way I react toward things. Whether it is people that I love, animals, interior design, architecture, nature, fashion, make-up, movies, music…I think that covers almost everything! I have been called many times a Free Spirit. So I decided to own several businesses that I am passionate about. I truly believe nothing is impossible. I have a Global Beauty & Wellness business where I am able to travel the world with my husband and daughter, an Interior & Lifestyle Design Company based in Los Angeles that I own with my best friend, and an Entertainment Company. Why not do it all! We only live once and tomorrow is never promised. Even though life has brought some major obstacles to test my strength. Especially last year, when I thought I have been through it all, there was a moment where I felt I was losing faith and my heart did start to harden. I felt my capacity to love has reached its point of giving. But it was not who I was. The burden of not having to love at all just made it worse for me. This last month leading up to my birthday, I have felt more rejuvenated, more alive knowing the world needs more love. I am not going to be tainted with who I was meant to be…that FREE SPIRIT loving everything and everyone. Its been a long road to find myself here just making sure everyday I am grateful to have a heart that can see beyond the capacity to just love LOVE.


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