Without Accountability We Can’t Grow

“And it shall come to pass afterward That I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy.” – Joel 2:8 / Acts 2:17

This is Rowena Rodriguez, one of my best friends at a ministry event I hosted in my home for Plain Jane Project – a purity ministry she founded. She’s one of those friends that never fails to speak life into you, even if it means shaking you by your shoulders! You have one of those in your life right? If you don’t, get one today!!

She’s the one who gave me the title “Chief Visionary Officer.” It’s so amazing to see yourself through the eyes of those who love you. Often they have a vision of you that is greater than your own. They speak of you in such a manner, that you think “Wow! I want to like that!” And then you realize, it’s you they’re talking about! It’s both endearing and sobering.

I wanted to make this one of my first posts because it was her God given gifts, as well as her vision for my life that challenged me to think & Dream Bigger! GOD used her to turn the key that unlocked HIS plan for my life. In one lovely afternoon brunch, I vomited all my dreams, plans, & aspirations over a couple of lattes; and Rowena literally mapped it out, gave me a course of action, and laid before me.. My very own LIFE MAP!! Imagine having writers block and being paralyzed by life’s challenges, then in one fell swoop your eyes are opened & you can see clear into your future, a future that’s filled with hope & joy!!

First off you need God, & the gift of His son JESUS. Then you need friends who love you, that speak life into you, & keep you accountable. Friends that won’t allow you to shrink back, but to grow, live, and live abundantly!! ACCOUNTABILITY is so.. so.. so.. important to have. I’m grateful that GOD has surrounded me with angels. Psalm 91, says that GOD gives His angels charge over you to keep you in all your ways. I pray that you see & feel  your angels encamped around you today!!

Have a blessed & truly HAPPY NEW YEAR, from my family to yours!! 🙂

One Comment on “Without Accountability We Can’t Grow

  1. Love it & ready for Rowena to help me write a life map. The direction is so clear. I am so proud of being able to be apart of the process and seeing you conquer the many road blocks along the journey of following the call of God. God is definitely moving and clearing the path for His people to do mighty and great things. Love you sis and this is true inspiration!

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